Rivet Bangles 3/4" wide

Rivet Bangles 3/4" wide


Big, bold, and colorful enameled rivet bangles.

3/4" wide.

The outside color is a beautiful gradient around the bangle with a predominate color that you choose from the drop down list. The inside of the bangle is a contrasting coordinated color.


Use hand size to determine size of bangle. These bangles do not open and the bangle should never be bent to fit.

Bangle Sizing: Before you order please be sure what size bangle you need. To find your bangle size:

  1. Place hand in the position of putting on a bangle
  2. Measure (in inches) around the widest part of your hand with a string or tape measure.
  3. Thats it, now select your size 


  • Extra Extra Small – 7″
  • Extra Small – 7.5″
  • Small – 7.75″
  • Medium – 8″
  • Large – 8.5″
  • Extra large – 9

Bangles take 4-6 weeks to create if not in stock


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