Flame Orange Rivet Bangles 1" wide

Flame Orange Rivet Bangles 1" wide


Big, bold, and colorful enameled rivet bangles.

The outside color is a beautiful flame orange. The inside of the bangle is a contrasting light blue green aqua.

The bangle is 1" wide.


Use hand size to determine size of bangle. These bangles do not open and the bangle should never be bent to fit.

Bangle Sizing: Before you order please be sure what size bangle you need. To find your bangle size:

  1. Place hand in the position of putting on a bangle
  2. Measure (in inches) around the widest part of your hand with a string or tape measure.
  3. Thats it, now select your size 


  • Extra Extra Small – 7″
  • Extra Small – 7.5″
  • Small – 7.75″
  • Medium – 8″
  • Large – 8.5″
  • Extra large – 9

Bangles take 4-6 weeks to create if not in stock


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