Enameling Classes!

Have you ever wanted to try a new medium but didn’t have the tools or space or equipment? Have you had some experience with enameling but not feeling confident that you can do it on your own? Maybe you once did enameling in school or at camp and remember how much fun it was and want to give it another try? My classes are perfect for absolute beginning, near new or some enameling experiences. Come give it a try!

For a more in-depth experience sign up for my one-on-one class.

And now offering Enameling Part 2 for those who have taken Intro to enameling with me.

  • Now offering enameling classes in various locations!

  • Also available for one-on-one class in my studio in Lucerne, Maine

  • Want to host a class in your area? Contact me!

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intro to enameling

Fun workshops exploring all the basics to fuse glass to metal!

Intro to Enameling @ whopaints studio in Winter Harbor, March 16

Intro to Enameling 

March 16, 2019
This beginning enameling class will introduce students to all the basic information needed to start learning to fuse glass to metal. Learn how to cut and prep metal and techniques such as sifting powdered glass, liquid enamels, firing, incorporating graphite drawings and finishing.

Student will have the opportunity to create a pair of earrings and time to play and explore this beautiful medium.

Come experience the magic and wow your friends with your own piece of artistic jewelry!

Cost of class is $120 ($80 plus $40 for all materials and tools). 

  • 10-2

  • at whopaints Gallery and Studio, 316 Main Street, Winter Harbor, Maine

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Enameling: Part 2, Sunday, March 24th, Bangor

Intro to Enameling: Part 2

March 24, 2019
This enameling class will build on the skills and techniques learned in the first intro class. Further exploration into working with metals, applying enamels both liquid and powder, and adding elements such as 24K gold and silver foil.

Get creative with enameling and begin to find your own voice in this fascinating medium. 

**This class is for students who have previously taken my Intro to Enameling class. 

All materials and tools provided. Plenty of copper and some fine silver if desired.

Come with a plan or just come to play.

Limited to 5 students. Sign up early


Private, one-on-one class in my studio in Lucerne
from 280.00

Come for exclusive, private access to all my knowledge and a full studio of tools and materials!

Come with a project in mind (lets discuss this first perhaps?) Or just come to learn everything you need to set-up and get started with enameling. We can work towards a finished piece or you can experiment with materials and techniques or both. I can teach many ways to use enamels.

I have a complete enameling studio on the water in Lucerne. It’s a small space but adequate. If the weather is fine go for a swim, or have a picnic on the dock (all weather permitting of course!).

This is limited to what time I have. I am not listing times or dates as we will need to work those out between our schedules. I am, however, open to your choice as to how many hours you would like to reserve.

This class is by the hour. Minimum is 4 hours. Special Sale on the 8hr day— $100 off!

Any times reserved for over 4 hours will include a lunch break

I do have animals and they will want to greet you, though you may not see much of the cats. All are very friendly and well behaved.

number of hours:
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